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John Northup was born Abt 1769, the first child of Benjamin Northup in Hamburg, NY. He married Hope Kelley (b. abt 1790). They had eight known children. They lived in Danby Vt., but John died on 2 Mar 1847 in Hamburgh, Ny. John Northup's page is under construction. Please check back often for updates.

John Northup Family

Children of John Northup

George b. 1789 in Vt. m. Hannah Clark
William b. 1790 in Vt. Eunice Clarke
Hannah b. abt 1792 in Vt.
Benjamin b. abt 1794 in Danby, Vt. m. Sally Dart
John Jr. b. abt 1796 in Danby, Vt.
Thayer b. abt 1798 in Danby, Vt.
Joseph b. abt 1803 in Danby, Vt.
Stephen NORTHUP Born: Abt 1808 Danby, Vt m. Sophia Wood Died: 16 May 1894